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The Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council will present The Muses Creativity Project, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charitable arts organization who will perform their “Celtic Spring” Program this evening Sabrina McCormick reports the show is infused with enchanted songs and tunes from the British Isles. (March 09,  2023).



Texarkana College is presenting a program Thursday in honor of women’s history month, and in collaboration with Texarkana’s year-long sesquicentennial celebration. The event will feature music from the nation’s women’s suffrage movement. Sabrina McCormick reports: (March 08,  2023).



The Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council is highlighting civil rights photographer Ernest Withers through March 25. The exhibit called, "Good Night My Love" features candid snapshots of life in the segregated south. Sabrina McCormick visited with members of the TRAHC's African American Committee (TAAC) to talk about Withers, and his photography.  (February 08,  2023).



Local Texarkana resident, Sue Ellen Hall, has traveled to many places, including Sudan, China, parts of Europe and the UK -including Scotland.

In honor of Burns Night, the day Scotland sets aside to honor their beloved Bard, Robert Burns, she spoke with KTXK's Sabrina McCormick to reflect on her experiences while living in Scotland and traditions associted with the evening - which includes, among other traditional dishes Haggis.  (January 25,  2023).



Texarkana College will host two workshops next week highlighting Gregorian Chant. The workshops will touch on the history of the musical style, and culminate in a performance of a Gregorian Chant Piece. Sabrina McCormick has more   (January 18,  2023).



Texarkana is seeing an uptick in flu and RSV cases this holiday season – here to talk about that is Dr. Matt Young – Chief Medical officer of Texarkana Emergency Center. Young says from the influenza standpoint the increase has been significant just since a month ago, and many people are coming in exhibiting a number of symptoms related to the illness. Dr. Matt Young is the Chief Medical Officer at Texarkana Emergency Center   (November 28,  2022).



Nick Redfern is a notable author, researcher and journalist – whose research and writing on cryptids and UFOs has garnered him appearances on the history channel, BBC, Travel Channel and many others – On Saturday he was the key note speaker at the first Texas UFO convention in Jefferson Texas – Sabrina McCormick Reports   (November 23,  2022).



Sabrina McCormick caught up with speakers from the first Texas UFO Convention in Jefferson Texas recently. The conference was held this past Saturday there, and featured researchers and authors focusing on UFO encounters in the Lone Star State. In this instalment, she talks with an archivist out of Austin, Texas who is trying to make information sharing about these encounters and other such anomalies easier to access.   (November 22,  2022).



The city of Jefferson held its first annual UFO convention over the weekend - Sabrina McCormick covered the event, which featured a panel of experts that spoke about unexplained encounters in Texas  (Novvenber 21,  2022).



Domestic Violence Prevention Inc. is preparing for its Santa Store Christmas Program! The program provides its clients with the opportunity to Christmas Shop for their children. Sabrina McCormick Reports:  (November 17,  2022).



If you’re looking for an out of this world experience, Jefferson, Texas may have the solution you seek.

The city will host its first annual UFO convention this Saturday. It will feature a cross section of Texas UFO enthusiasts and experts says event organizer, Craig Woolheater. Sabrina McCormick reports  (November 16,  2022).



Students at Texas Middle School got a chance to stretch their detective skills recently. A program hosted by the district in partnership with the Texarkana Texas Police Department provided the opportunity this fall as part of an after school enrichment program. Sabrina McCormick reports  (Novenber 14,  2022).



Jefferson Texas has become known as the Bigfoot Capital of Texas, there is even a statue of the famed cryptid prominently placed in the city. For the last several years, the city has hosted the Texas Bigfoot Convention. The three-day event serves as a place where enthusiasts, cryptozoologists and people who have had unusual and unexplained experiences can come to swap stories and learn more about the creature (and a host of other such cryptids).

Sabrina McCormick spoke with several of the event's speakers, this interview features world explorer Adam Davies.:  (October 28,  2022).



Native Texan, Lyle Blackburn may wear only one hat (that is the signature black, wide brimmed cowboy hat he is often seen in) but he has many roles including author, actor, musician, and cryptozoological researcher. As a child Blackburn became fascinated with the Boggy Creek monster after watching the film. Today, he has become a notable expert on the beast and other such cryptids. Sabrina McCormick spoke with Blackburn at the Texas Big Foot Conference held in Jefferson, Texas this October.   (October 28,  2022).



From the wilds of Texas’ back country to the streets of the Dallas Metroplex, paranormal phenomena and strange creatures abound in Jason McLean’s book Metroplex Monsters. Sabrina McCormick spoke with McLean recently at the Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson.   (October 28,  2022).



According to the Bigfoot Research Organization, or BFRO, regional sightings of the cryptid in the state of Oklahoma are most prevalent in LeFlore County, close to the Arkansas Border. The second most common area for sightings is nearby McCurtain County. The mountains stretch through both counties.

At a recent Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson Texas, Sabrina McCormick spoke with one researcher who has been studying and documenting sightings in the Kiamichi area for more than twenty years. Today she files the last in a series of interviews from that conference.  (October 28,  2022).




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